Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 4 He's Ours!!! Part 1

This morning Josh and I woke and fulfilled the same routine of getting ready, going to Starbucks and chatting with the girls.  The only thing that would change about this routine tomorrow is Jedidiah will be joining us.  We would soon be a trio.

I was taking each moment at a time having an idea of what this day would hold because being at the Fosters the day before made things seem a little familiar.  I was as ready as could be.  We have waited, almost two years from the start of this process and about nine months since we first saw Jed's picture, for this moment to come.  These last nine months have been the hardest to wait.

We made sure that we were on time this morning because we did not need a repeat of the day before.  As we headed out for this trip that would change the rest of our lives, I was excited when our social worker suggested we take the bus this time so we could see more of the country.  Josh and I loved the idea and I'm so glad we did this!  Our social worker shared some cool history about Hong Kong, showed us the lion head at the top of Lion Rock Mountain, shared the story behind the rock that looks like a lady with a child on her back -- The legend is a woman's husband was lost at sea so everyday she went to the top of the mountain with her son on her back to look for him.  Everyday she went up and everyday she went down with no view of her husband.  Her heartache was so great that she only made it up the mountain one more time before she froze. -- We also got to see the beautiful green mountains that are hard to see in the city because of all the big buildings.  Here are a few pictures from our ride.  These are not that great but at least it's something.

Lion Rock Mountain

Our bus ride ended and we made the same short walk to the Fosters.  We walked past the two guard stands, went up the elevator and rang the doorbell.   The door opened and we were greeted with the same kindness as the day before.  I can't recall the immediate details but I  do remember, at one point, it was time for Jed to have a bottle and I offered Mrs. Foster this last feeding.  There were lots of watery eyes this morning as we talked, knowing what was coming.  Jed needed a diaper change and I had the chance to change my sweet boy for the first time.  Mrs. Foster was gathering things from here and there, like a mama does, to make sure we had everything we needed.  I saw the sadness on her face and it was so hard to be so thrilled for us yet so heartbroken for this family.  We took a picture of the four "parents" and it was obvious that good-byes were coming but no one wanted to initiate this next step.  I think I may have finally asked our social worker if it was time to go.  She said yes and Jed began his round of good-bye hugs and kisses with the Fosters while I put the Bijorn on and we all gathered up the last of Jed's items.  I watched every face as each person said good-bye.  It was so hard to watch but I wanted to remember the love they had for him.  I hugged the Fosters, teary eyed now, actually trying not to loose it, and took Jed from Mrs.Foster, a woman who will forever have a place in my heart.  This woman and family went through so much with Jedidiah and did so much for him!  She was there when he had his heart surgery, made sure he had all his medications, took him to countless doctor appointments, and so much more.  She was his mama at heart!  She loved him!  They all loved him!  Thank you Fosters for taking such great care of our precious boy!!!

Now was the hardest part of the morning...walking out the door and knowing that we could not have contact with the Fosters for six months.  Walking out the door with a boy who was leaving a family behind.  Jed was secure in the Bijorn and by now every eye was wet.  We waved one last good-bye and left.

By the time we were out of the building and walking towards the train station I was feeling a lot, but mostly I felt at peace.  It was hard to say good-bye but Jedidiah was our son and we were ready to have him in our family.  Jed was really doing well.  He was quiet for a little while but soon became his chatty self during lunch after he saw himself in a mirror.  We assured him that the boy in the mirror was coming too.  We had a great lunch with our social workers.  They introduced us to milk tea, in my opinion this is like the Chinese version of horchata.  It was yummy!

So much went on during the afternoon hours that Josh and I can't remember what order things went in but that really doesn't matter over all.

That afternoon we met with someone from the Social Welfare Department in Hong Kong so they could give us some documents.  When we found out about this appointment that morning.  We also learned we would receive a letter from Jed's birth parents written to Jed (Ho Tin), and had been looking forward to reading it all day.  What we didn't know was that along with these letters came a beautiful gift box filled with gifts from Jedidiah's birth parents.  We were definitely emotionally overwhelmed.  We signed all the forms said good-bye to everyone and sat to look through everything again and read the letters.

Inside this box was a framed photo of Jedidiah's birth parents, a photo album containing memories from the first days of his life, a necklace with Jedidiah's given name, Ho Tin Pan, and his parents' names engraved on it, a jade bracelet that belonged to his mother and a blue jacket that also had Ho Tin Pan and his birth parents names sewn onto it and a pack of toy cars, a gift from them for his first birthday.  These gifts are a treasure!

Then we read the letters and we both cried.  They wanted their boy!   Here is one short piece from their first letter, "I visited your Mom and went to the ward to see you.  We both cried.  We could not notice anything wrong from your appearance.  But the truth is cruel.  We visited you everyday and fed you.  We were reluctant to give you up (we had no other alternative but to leave you in Hong Kong)."  They go on to explain that because of their situation they could not afford to take care of his heart condition and since they live two hours from the hospital they could not get there in time if something were to happen.  They chose life for their son!  I am so thankful!  They also asked for their sons forgiveness for the decision they made.

The second letter was for Jed's 1st Birthday.  They again wrote about why they left him in Kong Kong and how sad they are about the situation.  They expressed a desire to know how he is doing so their minds could be at ease.  They explained why they chose his name, Ho Tin meaning "blessed by God and recovery from the illness".  We have decided that Jedidiah Nathan's full name will now also include Ho Tin.  We want to honor his birth parents for not only the sacrifice of giving up their child but the pure love behind the act.  Josh and I plan to write them a letter in six months and detail all God has done even before baby Jedidiah Nathan Ho Tin Weitzman was born because it's a beautiful story these two people should be a part of!

Jedidiah will one day know that his birth parents are incredible people. Josh and I also hope that someday we will have the opportunity to meet them and introduce them back to their son.


  1. I needed a box of tissues for this post! Wonderful birth parents, wonderful foster parents, and wonderful forever parents! That is one blessed boy! Praying for ALL of his parents to be blessed and at peace, too!

  2. Wow. That is such a blessing to have the answers for him someday when he starts to wonder. So often in international adoption we just never know much about the birth family. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow, what a sad, yet blessed history Jedidiah already has! I love how you are able to appreciate all the people who God has put in his life. I am so thrilled for your family and can't wait to squeeze him soon!