Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sad But True

We had been searching for some missing documents that Hong Kong was waiting for so they could move forward with our case.  A few days and a lot of phones calls later we located these documents and were assured that they would be shipped out over night.  The documents went here and there but at last they found their final destination in Hong Kong.  This was very exciting because from what I understood after Mother's Choice, the orphanage in Hong Kong, received these documents they would begin the process of getting Jed his Visa and Passport.  Once these two were taken care of then we could travel.....or so I thought.

I got an e-mail this morning informing me that the High Court Order should be ready in 8-10 WEEKS and we could travel soon after that.

Needless to say I was, well actually still am, upset.  There's really no one to blame but me.  I misunderstood where we are in the process.  I am so disappointed.  I'm sad that now we have to wait so long before we can get our son.  His 1st Birthday is tomorrow.  I feel like we have missed so much already and it hurts.  The infant/baby stage has always been my favorite.  It's the time when the bonding occurs.  Your child gets that you are their mommy or daddy.  They understand that no one else loves them more and that they will always be enough.  I want Jed to be here with us getting that!

So now I have to deal with this reality and move on.  There is absolutely nothing I can do to change things.  All I can do is wait...patiently.  This news has inspired me to paint.  Yes paint.  I was actually planning on doing this soon anyway but today my paint therapy began.  I sanded the walls and taped the walls.   I find that when I'm in a situation where I can't do anything to change the circumstances it is helpful to find something I can change and do it.

Tomorrow our kitchen gets a face lift!