Friday, December 30, 2011

Inspire Others!

"Just one person taking action can inspire others to do the same."
-Leslie C. Aguilar

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Words Are Not Enough

I have shared many times about Katie and her families journey to adopt her.  This little girl grew up in a horrible orphanage run by a director that did not do her job.  Her actions caused many children to suffer unnecessarily under her care.  Today I heard some great news, no FANTASTIC news.  This women has been removed of her duties!  The children in that orphanage are getting a second chance.  Praise God!!!  Because I don't want to miss any of the great details please click here to read the post yourself.  Before you go to this blog I want to make sure I point out the fact that this orphanage was a poor example of the care that this country seeks to provide their orphans.  I know I am quick to report the negative truths so I want to also take this time to point out the positive truths in this story.  Bulgaria's government does care for their orphans and does their best to meet their needs and desires for these children to find a family.  This is an important fact to know.

There are no words to express the joy and awe in God I feel right now.  He is truly an AWESOME GOD!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Great News

In my last post I mentioned little Kolina, the little girl who is waiting for her family.  Guess what!  God did it again!  Kolina's family found her and she will be joining them sometime in 2012!!!  I am so excited about this.  Another precious child saved!

Sweet girl you will know what love is and have a warm home to call yours.  I hope I get to see a smile on your face sometime soon.    Praising God!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another Child Waits

As I followed the Musser Family on their journey to pick up Katie I was moved in so many ways.  This little girl waited 9 years to find her family.  NINE YEARS!!!  She was neglected in so many ways.  I have come to realize that the neglect comes from lack of funds and people to care for these little ones and yes, sometimes people just don't care.  It breaks my heart.  These precious children sit in their cribs all day, literally.  They are usually drugged so they remain calm.  They get fed only a couple of times a day and get only 600 calories.  These children are fed laying down and have to gulp down milk from a bottle that is not suitable for any child.  It is literally an old beer bottle with a huge nipple.  The hole in the nipple is big so the children eat fast.  They are left soaking in diapers and when they are changed it is so abrupt and fast that the child child barely gets attention.  These facts make my heart ache.  I ache because no one is lovingly holding these children, stroking their precious faces telling them what a gift they are.  No one is looking deep into their eyes confirming their worth.  No one is playing with them and stimulating their bodies, so they stop growing.  Children literally stop growing when they are neglected.  When our bodies are taken care of there is a growth hormone that is released.  These children stop producing that hormone and then stop growing.  So sad.

Josh and I have had many conversation about these situations.  I always walk away from these conversations reminded that God does not leave these children alone.  He tells us in His Word that He takes care of the orphans.  And so I know even if it seems like these children are in a bad place God is there with them.  It breaks His heart that children are treated this way.  He longs to see these children cared for more than I do because He loves with a perfect love.  More importantly He wants these children to know Him!  To know that this physical body is temporary.  To know that when they reach heaven all this earthly stuff will go away.  He LOVES them more than we can fathom!!!

I know this because if we are willing to open our homes to a waiting child God will provide all we need to do it.  God will provide the funds, the agency, the direction and he will carry you through the process.  I know because it's happening with us too.

See for yourself the promise of God to love the orphans. 

Katie being loved by her sister.

Maria with her siblings.

I was motivated to write this post because of the many children who are still looking for their "Forever Family," particularly a nine year old girl who is included among the children Reece's Rainbow is seeking to place. If you believe your home is a place for one of these children, you can visit their website at Reece's Rainbow. (You will see the little girl I'm talking about here.)

Until her family finds her I know that Father God is sustaining her. He will hold her through the wait.
Bless you.