Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review Time

Our homestudy is already being reviewed by the home office in Modesto.  Our social worker sent an
e-mail with this news.  She is also going to find out what the next steps will be in our process. 

I am starting to think more about the matching process again and honestly it makes me very uncomfortable.  My thoughts go something like this...... How will we know that this is our son?, What if we say yes to the first match and God has another child for us?, Will it be as obvious as me looking at my daughters for the first time?, Will I have that instant connection when I look at him?.  Josh keeps telling me will know when we see him.  I still hope that the first match is our son.  I refuse to be the parent that tries to pick out their child!  I want God to have done that already, just as he did with the girls. 

I also know that no matter what this in between process feels like we will love our son no less than we love our girls.  He will be our son from the instant we are matched and I will long for him like I longed to meet each one of the girls.  He will be our fourth precious child.

Looking forward to all that's coming!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Homestudy Complete!

I received a phone call from our social worker, Leeann, yesterday.  She asked me a few questions and told me she was finishing our homestudy and would be sending it off to the home office in Modesto that night.  This is a huge step in the process.  Lee Ann told me that it will take about 3 weeks for me to receive a copy of our homestudy but that we would probably hear from the home office sooner. 

I have, and will remain, content in waiting knowing that sometimes things take longer than expected. All the while trusting God as the directer of this journey and knowing that when He is ready for us to take the next step He will make His plans clear to us.

Praising God for all He is!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hello Again

Hello again.  I received an e-mail from our social worker stating that she has made good progress on our homestudy.  This is good news, I hope.  I hope to be blogging more in the next few weeks with more information. 

 I have another song I want to share with you.  This song speaks so much to my heart and my desire to do my part in God's plan.  Although I think prayer is the most powerful thing we can do, God calls us to action as well and it's important that we obey when that call comes!