Monday, November 21, 2011

Answers Sent Off

We have answered all of the questions from the Hong Kong Immigration Office. Our agency reviewed our answers and have sent the papers back to Hong Kong.

Please pray that there are no more delays in this process. As we have obeyed, God has provided everything we have needed to this point. We now wait excitedly and expectantly for His continued provision for the rest of the adoption.

At the beginning of this process Josh and I were going to give some money we had in savings because I felt that if people were going to support us financially I had to put something into it as well. As I began to plan for taking our savings out, God told me that we were not to give toward the adoption. He clearly told me that I was to watch how He was going to provide for the adoption. Then again after getting our tax refund I had a bill and thought we should use that money because we had it. Again God reminded me that I was not to give any money toward the adoption. I was to watch how He was going to provide. He truly has been faithful and kept His promise! Recently I have been struggling a bit as the process moves forward and the provision has yet to move from God's hands to ours. However, I know what God said and I have no doubt He will continue to provide!
Please pray with us that God would show Himself mighty again and again in this process as He has promised, and look forward with us to the continued testimony of His faithfulness!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Orphans No More

Do you remember the families I have shared about, the Zuzunaga Family who are adopting from Russia and Joe and Susanna who are adopting Katerina, the little girl who is so tiny.

I am so excited to share that the Zuzunaga Family brought Maria home on Saturday!YAY  I have seen some pictures and she looks so happy.  Maria has found her forever family!!!

Joe and Susanna are currently in Katerina's country but she is with them!  No more horrible orphanage for this sweet girl.  She is now with her daddy and mommy!  She is safe in the arms of her forever family!  You have to check out the precious pictures here!  It brings be so much joy to know that one less child is suffering at the hands of caregivers who just see her as an object.  This little girl is going to do some mighty things in her life just like Maria.

These two girls are amazing and I am so blessed by the faith and commitment of their families who pressed on and pushed forward even through the rough patches of thier journies.

Praising GOD for His Glorious Victories!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paperwork Officially Reviewed in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Social Welfare Department has reviewed our home study.  We know this because they sent a letter wanting us to answer some questions.  They had lots of question about the services we have for children with Down syndrome.  They also asked about Hannah's development and her schooling.  They had some other questions too.  At times it seems like the process gets delayed by things like this yet I'm grateful that they don't want Jed to go to just anyone.  They want him to have a good home where he will flourish and have everything he needs. 

So now we wait to see what they have to say about our responses. 

More waiting........but that's OK.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Love This Quote

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life believing it is stupid. -Einstein