Thursday, September 29, 2011


So, we let the agency know that we want this little boy.  Now they will fill out the official paper work stating we accept the referral, we get some papers notarized and then our agency sends them to Hong Kong.  We still need Hong Kong to accept this referral, but we are confident that God has His hand in the situation and all will go smoothly.

About Jedidiah:
He is just adorable!  I wish I could post his pictures but I'm not allowed to yet.  He is five months old and weighs 11 1/2 lbs.  So tiny, like Hannah was.  Because I am not sure how much info I am allowed to share online, I won't post his name (his American name from Hong Kong), but will tell you its meaning, "Lord".  This is really cool to us because the name we gave him, Jedidiah Nathan, means "Loved by the Lord".   He looks really happy and healthy but was born with congenital heart disease, AVSD.  This is very common in children born with Down syndrome and is easily fixed with surgery. Please pray for healing!   I do not worry about his care because he is in a great place and is getting regular check ups.

Josh is in love and I mean in love.  It has been really neat to watch him through this process.  I must be honest and say that although I am very excited about this my heart is still a little guarded.   I love this little guy and can feel my expression change when I look at him.  If you're a parent you know what I mean. It's the way my eyes and heart change when I look at my girls.  Have you ever noticed the difference between looking at your kids and other kids?  I have watched other parents and it's like their eyes light up when looking at their own children.  Excuse the rambling, but I'm trying to make myself clear.  I'm still not sure it worked, but I tried!  Anyway, I also know that it will be months until we get to hold, kiss, and love on Jed, so keeping my emotions in check is important for me because if I don't these next months will be torture.  The girls on the other hand are so excited!  They begged us to say yes and screamed when we told them we already did.  They want to show everyone his picture and I can see their love for him already.  Hannah is excited too.  She can't verbally express how she feels, but she is signing about the baby and points to his picture a lot. 

I will leave you with this quick story.
Julia brought home a class assignment a few weeks ago where she had to practice writing numbers by answering some questions.  A few questions were -- What is your home address?-6039, How old are you?-7, How many people live in your house?-5, How many sisters do you have?-2, and then this question, How many brother do you have?-Julia answered 1.  I was so touched by this because this little guy has been growing in her heart for so long.  Even before we got a referral she knew that her brother was in Hong Kong.  So of course answering 1 was natural for her!

I love all that God is doing in our family!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We Finally Meet Our Son!

Yesterday, I received a call from our agency asking if we would be interested in a little boy.  They sent over his file and two pictures.  I will give more details once it all settles in my brain and I can express all that is happening.  I will say he is adorable and we love him so much already!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Are Approved!

We have been approved by Homeland Security!  This is great news.  I spoke with our agency and they are e-mailing Hong Kong today.  The next step is getting a referral for a child.  We will soon meet Jedidiah, our son. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two Important Realities

The first reality hit when I saw the faces and read the stories of children with Down syndrome waiting to be adopted on Reece's Rainbow.   I saw these precious faces and I wept, long and hard.   It breaks my heart into a thousand pieces knowing that these children were/are not wanted simply because they have Down syndrome.

The second reality came when I learned about all the wonderful families who do want these children and who are willing to do whatever it takes to bring them home. Families who have fallen in love with a child regardless of an extra chromosome and gave them a Forever Family.   These are the stories that help put my heart back together.

I would like to share one of these amazing families adoption journey with you.

Joe and Susanna are currently in the process of adopting a little girl with Down syndrome.  Her name is Katie and she is beautiful.  Unfortunately, Katie has not been given the proper care (to put it mildly) and at nine years old appears to be more like a baby.  When I first read about this families adoption my heart had such mixed emotions.  At one level my heart was breaking apart and at the same time I felt such joy for what Katie had, a family she would soon call her their own.  A daddy, mommy and siblings who would love her.  Most importantly a family that would show Katie who she is in God's eyes.  Katie is beautiful and perfect! Katie is going to have so much joy.  It will be a great day when she is finally home.  I want to share a video that Susanna posted on her visit to see Katie.  Grab a tissue!

The joy in Katie's smile is priceless.  I can’t help but imagine these two sitting in the presence of Father God.  What a precious moment.  You can follow this families adoption journey by clicking HERE.   Click Here to see more picture of this sweet girl!

God has placed a strong desire in me to adopt more children.  Children like Katie who desperately need a family. We will adopt more children.  I will be honest, even at the thought of adding a fourth child to our family I am sometimes overwhelmed.  I have said to God, "Really, another child, can I do this?"  But my fears and doubts are quickly erased when I return to a Kingdom focus.  Life is not about now.  Life is about preparing to be with God.  When I think about that I no longer feel anything but a strong desire to do what God asks.  To bring any child God's asks me to love into our home.  I am also very passionate about praying for orphans and for the caretakers.  There are many countries that starve and neglect children under their care.  Children will literally bang their heads against their cribs just to get stimulation.  These are horrible ways for any one to live.  It is unfathomable that some places only treat the children with special needs this way.  My prayer is that hearts will be changed.  Eyes would be opened.  That these countries would no longer abuse these children but find that every life is worth love.  I know God can change a persons heart!  He can move mountains!  He tells the oceans were to stop!  He created the sun for day and a moon for the night!  I am very confident He can change even the hardest of hearts!  I serve a mighty God.  A God who see more than I see and knows the need of each child even before I ask for His help.  A God who I love and will serve and obey.  A God the is a Father to the fatherless.  A God who tells us in His Word that He takes care of the orphans.

I love my God!