Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 2 A Day to Ourselves

On Monday morning Josh and I woke up to a day that would be spent on our own.  We decided to get ready and head over to Starbucks for breakfast and to FaceTime the girls.  We spent some time looking at a map and decided to go see Kowloon Park, which was just down the street from our hotel.  Before I say anything else let me say that the weather in Hong Kong is different from what we are used to in Carpinteria.  The humidity is not a new thing but coupled with the extreme heat it makes for one hot sticky day.  Thankfully we had a great amount of cloud cover because when the sun did hit us it felt like it would burn through our skin. (Mom-yes I wore sunscreen the whole week:)  Josh even made a comment about why anyone would want to visit the sauna in our hotel when all they have to do is go outside to get the same effect.  Yep, we picked one of the two hottest months to be in Hong Kong but it was all worth it...

The street our hotel was on (it's on the right with the rippled windows)...

Kowloon Park

The first thing I loved about this park was the five pools they had spread out in this one area.  It was really cool and looked so refreshing.  The other thing that stood out was the gorgeous green of all the tress and plants.  The grounds were well taken care of and the climate, in Hong Kong, ensured a beautiful view from any direction once inside.  We found a rooftop garden that was empty except for one a gardener who was checking out the grounds.

As we walked around the park we found some beautiful ponds, a play ground that any child would love and we stumbled across an old fort with canons and stone walls used to protect the land back in the day.

While walking through this beautiful garden we found a foot bridge that lead to a beautiful view of the bay and we could see Hong Kong Island perfectly.  

We also saw some amazingly tall building being built on the opposite side.  Hong Kong has a VERY dense population and is not big enough to house everyone without building up.  And when I say up I mean up! 

These buildings are so tall and each one houses so many people it makes me claustrophobic just thinking about it.  The reason behind the density is due to the fact that Hong Kong is run separate from China even though in 1997 it became a part of China again after being a part of Britain for some time. I won't dare say more than this because I am no expert on this topic.

I would like to pause from the city to say that even though we had plenty to do on our own Jed was definitely on our minds.  We knew it would only be one more day until be met Jed and honestly the realization that a new little one was becoming our responsibility made me really want to enjoy these few days with just Josh.  I also had to keep in mind that tomorrow was only a visiting day.  We would get to spend a few hours with Jed and then he would have one more night with his foster family.  So even though I have not mentioned him much, in this post, we knew that he was the reason we had this privilege of touring Hong Kong.

Now for a few fun things we saw and did in Hong Kong...

We noticed that the construction workers use bamboo as scaffolding!!!  Check this out!

We found a very fancy mall, Harbor City, with a whole section of baby stores like Baby Dior-I'm not kidding-, Armani Junior, Burberry Kids, Gucci kids and so many more like this.  Josh and I didn't recognize half these stores, probably because we will never have the opportunity to shop at one.  I've added a few pictures so you will believe me.  Do you see the little mannequins?

Before heading back to our hotel for the night we stopped at this yummy bakery for dinner!  The food was so good!  Josh had a good time in this place.  Can you see the smile on his face.

This was our dinner.  So good!

Tomorrow we meet Jedidiah!

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  1. Those stores are insane! I wouldn't dare go inside hahaha. Bamboo...very cool, not so sure I would climb it it didn't look even :/