Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 5 Touring Hong Kong with Our Son

We woke up this morning to find a sweet little boy by our side and a beautiful rainy day outside.  I love the rain and I LOVE the fact that Jedidiah was with us this morning.  He woke up at 5:30 and did his little whisper talk that Mr. Foster mentioned in his letter.  It is really cute!  I got him out of his crib and brought him to my bed,  he snuggled right in and fell back to sleep.  Another thing the Fosters said he did.  It was so fun having a little one next to me.  I just breathed him in and focused on how he felt in my arms.  He is perfect no doubt.  At 6:30 he woke up.  Josh and I just stared at him and enjoyed all his smiles and sweetness.

We finally decided to get ready and head over to, yes you guessed it, Starbucks so we could talk with the girls and show them more of Jed.  Jed was uncomfortable in the mall as more people arrived so we did not get to talk with the girls for very long.  Although Jed never cried the way he did the last night he did have periods where he would become sad and needed to be comforted.  I realized that Jed was no longer concerned that we would care for him but more interested in figuring out why we were the ones doing it.  He was still confused but I was confident he felt safe with us.

After breakfast we met our social worker for some more touring of Hong Kong.     

We decided to visit the History Museum to stay dry until the rain passed.

Hong Kong Museum of History | 香港歷史博物館

Jed was comfy and ready to go in his Bijorn.  Daddy carried him for a while and they held hands most of the time.  It was really sweet.  I think this day may have been when Jed drew close to Josh.

Enjoy some pictures...

Butterflies found in Hong Kong

I loved the sea shell on the right.  So beautiful

This section reminded me a lot of  what we see at the Natural History Museum in Santa Barbara about the Chumash Indians.  See for yourself .

This is the living courters inside a boat.

The catch of the day!

We learned that these lanterns used to be hung when a son was born into a family but never for a girl.

Traditional Chinese Theater.  It would have been so fun to see a show!

Back stage getting ready.

Loved these boots.

Chinese New Year Dragon???

I promised no more sad post so if you want to know why I added this photo please ask me and I'll tell you.

Me, Jed and our social worker chatting at the museum.  I am so glad 
Jed is light because he was held a lot.  I love how it feels to hold this sweet boy in my arms!  
He is just so precious!

The museum had a 50's Era section that was really neat.

The Diner

The store.  Loving the candy jars!!!

There was so much to see as you can imagine, so this is just a glimpse into our tour.  After the museum we went back to the hotel for a little rest and then headed to the tram that would take us to "The Peak".  This is the highest point in Hong Kong and the view is breathtaking.  

We took a ferry over to Hong Kong Island...

Hoped on a double decker bus...

Saw some amazing buildings...

Saw the biggest Apple store in the world...(if you care, I don't)

 Found out where the US Consulate is...

Took the Tram.

Rode up this VERY steep mountain...

Enjoyed this reminder on the ride up!...

Viewed Beautiful Hong Kong!

Took a picture because we thought Sarah might think this was cool...

Came upon this gorgeous place just on the other side of the mountain...

On our way back down the mountain we thought it would be fun to take another double decker bus, enclosed this time, so we could see more of this beautiful place.  BAD IDEA!  We had the most crazy bus driver and Jed cried a couple of times because of the quick turns and bumps.  Josh and I felt so bad for Jed but all I could do was hold him tight and reassure him that it was almost over.  Even our social worker said the bus driver was crazy.  Back at the ferry our social worker said good bye and we headed back to Kowloon.

We decided to stop at Harbor City, that very fancy mall, one last time and grab something yummy for dinner from the bakery before heading back to our hotel.  This would be our last full day in Hong Kong!

 Tomorrow we head home.  YAY!!!